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Summer Romance Dreams

It began like a million days before it. Blue sky dotted with wispy clouds. Slight breeze: just enough to tickle your cheeks. A chill in the air, but soon to be gone as the sun warms the earth. But it … Continue reading

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My Friend

To know God, to truly know God. That’s what I want more than anything.   He’ll come to me as a friend and sit by my side. He’ll sing to me of love, joy, and inner tranquility.   He’ll tell … Continue reading

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One Million Reasons

One reason is all I needed to love you. One simple reason to give my heart to you And you gave it when you smiled, Your blue eyes sparkling and a smile Slowly expanding. I fell for you like a … Continue reading

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A True Friend

A true friend is a gift from God. No more, no less.   Ears, eyes, heart finely tuned to every thought action need   A friend seeks balance, craving only that which is offered and not one drop more   … Continue reading

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