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Morning Prayer

  Sunshine washes over my face as I stand greeting morning’s rays warming my mother, the earth brightening skies and lifting hearts soaring above the lofty clouds with emblazoned lacy wings that move with graceful exuberance, carrying me closer and … Continue reading

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Moving On

The Ghost Whisperer is an older television program in which the recently deceased could not go into the afterlife due to unresolved issues. The whisperer met with the deceased, figured out the issue, and then encouraged the spirit to move … Continue reading

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A Dream of Peace

I dreamt that I traversed the sands of time to a place mysterious and sublime. Where gigantic trees with branches stout, safely nestled all feathered friends about, providing shelter from many foe, yet allowing freedom to come and go. Silky … Continue reading

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A Simple Thought

A golden leaf Fluttered To the ground Rested Crumbled into dust Nourished a lowly worm Fed a garden of flowers And was reborn in a burst of color. Life goes on. One nurtures another The circle must be unbroken Or … Continue reading

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The Crying Woman

It had been a long, exhausting drive through the rolling foothills of the Sierras, but as Ashley stepped through the doors of the old familiar diner, she knew it had been worth the effort. Simply opening the doors brought back … Continue reading

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