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A Sensitive Soul

I was born with a sensitive soul: hurt covers me like icy water, leaving me shaken and weak, unable to walk, to function as a human being. I weep when others sniffle, sob when some merely dab their eyes. inside … Continue reading

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Not Just a Story

  My mom seldom talked about her past, but when she did, her stories were riveting. She was born a child of poverty, the second oldest amongst a passel of children. Her mother, my grandmother, stayed home and grew all … Continue reading

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A Strange Revelation

  “Hell found me.” “What did you say?” Stan’s fork froze in mid-air. Spaghetti slowly oozed onto his plate, unnoticed. “Hell found me,” repeated Grandpa Ellis. He leaned back in his chair, crossed his hands behind his head, and looked … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Friend

A true friend is a gift from God. No more, no less. Ears, eyes, heart finely tuned to every thought action need A friend seeks balance, craving only that which is offered and not one drop more Giving, sharing even … Continue reading

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The Letter

When Carol Minton came home from work she brought in the mail. Just like any other day, she quickly scanned through it as she walked into the front room. Mostly junk. Advertisements for long term care plans, car repair, home … Continue reading

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