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Just Another Shopping Trip

It’s amazing how quickly things can change in unwanted and unexpected ways. Here I was, merrily walking through the mall, minding my own business, enjoying an afternoon away from the pressures of work. I stopped off and on, as casual … Continue reading

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Child’s Play

  Easy, breezy, light and freezy squeezy, sleazy, sometimes squeaky Fluttery, buttery, I’m not nuttery Cattery, splattery, but no flattery Speedily, bleedily, just not greedily Eerily, blearily, eyes are tearily Quakery, shakery, give me cakery Flakery, bakery, do not takery … Continue reading

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All things Must End

Dreamers navigate their way through shadows deep and dark searching for the light of morning, marching across endless dry deserts or searching towering mountain peaks crowned by heavenly angels whose glittery gossamer wings flutter fleetingly in a gentle breeze brushing … Continue reading

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Sorry for not Posting!

I apologize for not giving you something new to read this week. I’ve been a little busy. This past weekend I attended a four-day writing conference in San Francisco. It was chock-full of writing tips from experts from all over … Continue reading

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The Storm

  Thunder rocked the house while lightning danced across the sky. Stan Ellis, a slightly built fifteen year old, stood on the front porch, watching the show. Simultaneous bursts struck at a couple of trees on the nearby hills, sending … Continue reading

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Spring is coming There is a nearly imperceptible Change in air pressure A ringing in the ears The brush of a breeze That signals the beginning Of new life Colors change from brown to green, Pink, red, white As buds … Continue reading

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Into The Woods

Every year, in the early spring, the woods called to Sarah and her brother Josh. Trees were covered in silky green leaves and birds sang, calling to each other in the languages that only they understood. Even at this time … Continue reading

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