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The Best Day

Sometimes writing prompts speak to me, giving me ideas of what to write about, but recently I read one which really has me in a quandary. Of all the days in my life, which one is the best? I’ve been … Continue reading

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Magic bullet Gateway to the stars Door to continuous learning Within easy reach Requires some effort  Constantly yearning

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Happy People

Gwyneth loved living at Euclid Retirement Home. It was clean, comfortable and she was well cared for. The staff was kind and helpful. Her room wasn’t large, but she didn’t have to share it with anyone, unlike friends she knew … Continue reading

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Mountains of Dreams

Majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks touch a baby-blue sky dotted with puffy clouds like fingers brushing God’s eyes, cleansing air. White dusted pines march up and down slopes erect as soldiers, as still as statues bearing arms, free from smoky … Continue reading

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