Going Home

Home is beckoning

I long to run my fingers

down my cat’s back

hear his plaintive meow

when he’s hungry

I miss the loud calls

of my birds as they speak

to one another across the room

I miss my home

Not just the rooms, the furniture

But the my-ness of home

all the things that make it

uniquely mine

memories of my kids that linger

in the air like a fine mist

I can hardly wait to open the

door and step into the world that

my husband and I have created

A different kind of bravery

By nature I am not a brave person. Put me in a room with unfamiliar people and I cannot speak. I don’t embrace change and am incredibly happy living my life.

Yet when I think back over the years, a number of events arise in which I had to fight against my nature and be brave.

As a young child I preferred my own company, so going to school was a frightening experience. As the years passed I did not get braver, but I did learn how to function within the system. And I did it on my own. No teacher, no school counselor helped me negotiate the ins and outs of school. Because I kept to myself, I did so without the benefit of friends.

So going off to college required a tremendous amount of bravery.  This was a new experience in a foreign environment. I was terrified. But as time passed I made a few friends.

Finding a job scared me. It meant entering unfamiliar places, approaching unfamiliar and often cold people, and facing repeated rejection. Once I did get hired, there was the problem of working in a new environment with strange people.

I would like to think that age has brought me confidence, but it hasn’t. What it has given me is the understanding of myself and the ability to move into new places despite the terror that such things create.

It also helps that I am blessed with a husband who encourages me to step outside my box and go out into the world. Because of him I travel, write, and sing. Because of him I get out of the house and join clubs, go to luncheons and meet up with friends.

Sometimes I wonder how different I might have been if there had been someone like him in my life from the first time I ever left the house as a child.

Because of my husband I am learning to be brave.

On Vacation

My husband and I flew to Australia on Monday. This is a trip of a lifetime.

Everyone needs to have dreams. They motivate us to move forward. We plan, save, maybe even order travel books to read from cover to cover.

While I’m away, my posts will be short.

I promise to return to normal once I get back home.

Live Life

There are days when I want to run outside,

raising my arms over my head,

shouting with joy

I woke up! I’m alive!

I get another chance to do all

That I love to do

And I smile

This is the reason we live

To be happy

To laugh

To dance and sing

And love and care about each other

We don’t live to spew hatred

Or demean other people that we feel

Beneath ourselves

We don’t breathe simply to waist

Precious air on foul words or

Hateful phrases

That’s not why we were put on this earth

We are here to love our neighbors

To love family

To worship as we please

To build lives worth living


Take off the mantle that binds you

And run


Leap for joy!

You are alive.