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A Grain of Sand

Nothing more than a grain of sand one among a cast of millions arose and accepted the burdensome yoke of humanity, the drudgery of life, the pains, torments, tears, and fears until love entered his heart.   Nothing but a … Continue reading

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Spring Shooting

Spring had finally come. Storms had pelted the area, turning the hills a verdant green. Flowers were in bloom and grasses were growing ever taller by the day. The air was crisp, albeit somewhat cool, and the sky was deep … Continue reading

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Childhood Joys

well-loved children with sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and happy smiles glittering with unbounded joy freely bestowing generous hugs and warm kisses that leave cheeks glistening with reminders of their passing.   laughter peels from hallway rooms, giggles rising to the … Continue reading

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Second Chances

On Sunday I tried to put on earrings. The post went through the left lobe without too much difficulty, but it would not go through the right. The hole in the back had healed over. So today I had my … Continue reading

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Somebody to Love Me (Please, not for children to read!)

Nikki hated Los Angeles in the summer. Hot and stinky, the smells of car exhaust, cooking food and steam from street vents far below filled the air with an unmistakable stench. Her apartment was not air-conditioned, so she sweltered in … Continue reading

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