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Blessed Firelight

The fire crackles, tongues of flame reaching high into the night sky, reaching to capture the essence of the One who feeds all flames. Sparks whirl, grasping, leaping for joy, celebrating a temporary life lived in fullness. Rejoicing, dancing, sprinkling … Continue reading

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Dream Vacation

It was to be a dream vacation. Vi and Nathan had saved for several years to be able to travel comfortably to California, a land of sunshine and celebrities. They knew someone who knew someone who had traveled by coach … Continue reading

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Dawn Thoughts

Another day awakens Promising warm winds Sunny skies Gentle events to guide me through the hectic times I stretch, drawing in energy to replenish my weary soul Revitalize desires Strengthen interests A healing balm The day beckons me forth into … Continue reading

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Jim’s Dilemma

What was the point of waking up? Today would be no different from yesterday. Or the day before that. Or any day over the past year. Has it been a year? Or more? Jim wasn’t sure. He hadn’t been sure … Continue reading

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Helping Hands

It was a busy time for Elena, but she didn’t mind. She loved all the hustle and bustle around the holidays. People coming and going. Meals to plan and prepare. Beds to make. Windows to clean. While it was hard … Continue reading

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