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Advice Column

Dear Martha: I have a problem. I’m planning a dinner party for a bunch of good friends. I know what I want to serve, but when I invited my friends, one said she couldn’t eat gluten, another was vegan and … Continue reading

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Dapper Doesn’t Do

Wolfgang Von Schmidt, thinking himself the cat’s meow, combs out his wiry whiskers and brushes his bright, white teeth.  Taking his favorite top hat from his closet shelf, he places it between his lupine-like ears, taps the brim with one … Continue reading

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Confessions of an eight-year-old Criminal

  Yes, it’s true. I was a thief. I can’t recall ever stealing something from my family, not stooping to raiding my mother’s purse, for I understood that such behavior was unacceptable. I also understood that we had very little … Continue reading

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If I Saw a Werewolf

I saw a werewolf dancing a jig He jumped, he spun, he shifted his wig With twinkling toes and red-sparkling nails His laughter echoed through hills and vales   His grin, his teeth, incredibly big A handsome werewolf dancing a … Continue reading

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Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

It didn’t take too long to realize That I had begun to fantasize, And I was forced to carefully apprise The situation before my eyes.   My time had come, that much was certain. I stupidly stared at the white … Continue reading

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