Simple Musings

What’s the matter with the world today?

The weather is changing. It was 106 in San Francisco a few days ago. The hurricane in the south dropped 51 inches of rain in just a few days while other parts of the world are suffering from drought.

The environment is being challenged. While some fight to preserve resources, others dream of the resources hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Who will win? Can science beat destruction for greed? Or will leaders succumb to the pressures of those seeking wealth?

There is no longer any compromise in politics. Polite discourse is overruled by party line. Viscous name calling, lie spreading and image destruction are used to cower opponents.

It all makes me wonder where we are headed. Is it possible to reverse the effects of climate change when so many deniers control the decisions that eventually lead to policy?

Could there be enough rational people who are willing to cross the aisle and work together on policy?

I sure hope so, otherwise how do we survive?

A Limited Perspective

The curtain falls

Darkness ensues

The audience waits


Holding breaths

Until the magic begins

The story unfolds

Holding enraptured

The captives

As they follow every word



Trying to memorize everything

For the future

To be able to express how they felt

What they saw

The experience of it all

Except for one lonely man

Sitting in the balcony

So high up that all he sees are the tops of heads

He understands that something

Great is happening below

But he cannot appreciate it

Because he cannot see

He hears the words, the music

But it bears no meaning without sight

When the show is over

When the man is asked about the play

He understands that he missed

A key point

That he takes from the experience

A limited perspective

But to him, it is everything

And so he talks as an expert

Who has witnessed an inferior production

As someone with knowledge in the arts

And disparages the quality of the show

The value for his money

And yearns for the way it used to be

When theater was great.