What if my family had never moved

From Ohio to California

And yours had never come from Nebraska.

What if we both hadn’t found jobs

Working for the same government agency.

What if I hadn’t transferred to your office

And my deck wasn’t right behind yours.


What if you hadn’t smiled at me,

A smile that lit up your blue eyes.

I might not have smiled back

And we might not have worked together,

Gone out on cases together

And talked, discovering things that we

Had in common as well as things that

We didn’t.


If all those things had not aligned just right,

If things didn’t happen the way that they did,

We would never have met.

We would never have gone on the first date

Or fallen in love

Or married

Or had three wonderful kids

Who grew up to be amazing adults.


Things that were meant to be,

Happened, in just the right order,

Better than what a mystic might

Have predicted looking in her crystal ball.


We are together by chance,

But we have stayed together

Because of love.



Love Is:

Love is everlasting.

It does not flit about,

Landing here and there,

Staying just long enough

To make someone believe,

And then disappear, crushing hearts.


Love speaks volumes.

There are not sufficient words

In the world to express how

Wonderful love feels,

How comforting and refreshing

It is to be cherished.


Love is not ego-driven.

One doesn’t love in order to

Be loved in return.

Love stands on its own,

Not needing props or

Constant adulation in order

To grow or to exist.


Love defies logic.

Scientists can’t find a love gene

Or a verifiable cause,

But they can find symptoms,

The obsessions, the desires

That compel individuals toward

Each other.


Love is strong.

It stands alone among the harshest

Of winters, the heat of summers.

It outlasts earthquakes, tornadoes

And hurricanes.

Yet musclemen cannot grasp it

Tightly enough to lift it.


Love is a gift.

It does not come in pretty packages

Tied up with ribbons and bows,

Yet it is wonderful to open

Over and over and over again,

Each time with the same sense of

Pure, unadulterated joy.


Love is special.

For some, it only happens

Once in a lifetime, yet it is

Desired by every living being,

Especially by those who have been hurt.


Love speaks her name

In soft voices.

In kind gestures.

In caring touches.

In the way eyes look

And lips gather

Expressing the joy of simply being.


Love is all that and more.




The Qualities of Love


Love is strongest in its mornings

When first glance, first hug, first kiss

Define its parameters.

Love enriches, embraces, endures

Carrying us through pain, suffering, joy, exuberance.

Love drives the human heart forward,

Giving us sustenance and relief,

When most needed.

Love allows us to stand tall, knowing that

There is support underneath,

even when our beliefs run counter

or when we err on the side of caution.

Love inspires us to reach beyond

Our strongest dreams,

To strive to become something which

Only speaks to us in our hearts.

Love is kind and gentle.

It does not cause pain or injury.

Love guides us, strokes our fires,

All while managing to ground us

To the people who love us most.