A Cowboy’s Lament


The trail is often long and dusty

but for me and my pony trusty

it’s simply great just to ride along

singing our special cowboy song

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

I love this life, my own cowboy life

alone most days, not tied to a wife

roaming where’er my doggies find feed

rich verdant grass with nary a weed

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

Some days I dream of a home and child

then I soon hear the call of the wild

wipe the tears away and again sing

about the summer, winter, fall and spring

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

A smile creases my sun-wrinkled face

I’d rather be here than any place

riding the trails worn so long ago

by wood wagons crossing to and fro

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

There’s not much hope for workers like me

who want nothing more than to be free

for cattle are bound by fences plain

even so, I sing my song  again

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

The Poet

There once was a poet named Sue

Who struggled when words away flew

She wept salty tears

Which washed away fears

Until she knew what to do.

This poem was created during a writer’s group meeting. The prompt was to write a limerick. The pattern was given: AABBA along with how many syllables per line.