Buffalo Dreams

Visions of a long ago past

keep clouding my brain,

carrying me back in time

when herds of shaggy buffalo

roamed the verdant plains,

grazing peacefully on the lush

grasses and thinking of little

except taking the next bite.

Nomadic tribes followed the

mighty herds, giving praise

to their gods for the wonders

of sustenance freely given.

Every sinew, every shard of bone,

every inch of hide valuable gems

for improving the quality of life.

Brave warriors, dressed in hides

and lathered in specially-made

potions encircle the unmindful

beasts, seeking those best suited

for the entire tribe’s needs.

Never taking more than would be

consumed, never wasting gifts

for the sake of one small part,

and always thanking the beast’s soul,

for dying so that others may live.

Traditions broken by the arrival

of ungrateful hunters who willingly

destroyed the herds to line their small

pockets with precious gold coins,

in their wake leaving only the

footprints of times long past. 

  A Cowboy’s Lament


The trail is often long and dusty

but for me and my pony trusty

it’s simply great just to ride along

singing our special cowboy song

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

I love this life, my own cowboy life

alone most days, not tied to a wife

roaming where’er my doggies find feed

rich verdant grass with nary a weed

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

Some days I dream of a home and child

then I soon hear the call of the wild

wipe the tears away and again sing

about the summer, winter, fall and spring

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

A smile creases my sun-wrinkled face

I’d rather be here than any place

riding the trails worn so long ago

by wood wagons crossing to and fro

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home

There’s not much hope for workers like me

who want nothing more than to be free

for cattle are bound by fences plain

even so, I sing my song  again

Ki-yi, little doggies, go home