New Day Delivers

bubbles of brilliant blue

burst through the blossom-like


bringing much yearned-for

brightness to an

otherwise gloomy world

shrugging off stormy thoughts

seers sought soft,

sumptuous caresses

strips of comfort

seeping into the marrow

of the heart

comfort casually ceases

to tempt the carefree

cajoling them into

caroling loudly

coronation carols of the newborn


floating ferociously among

the now-frivolous clouds

freeborn fools giggle

with felt delight

first-time believers in

the flight of the soul

rejoice riotously with

royal revelation

as reborn receivers

rise with rejuvenated wings

weightless, wish-filled

centers re-calibrated

the new day


Live Life

There are days when I want to run outside,

raising my arms over my head,

shouting with joy

I woke up! I’m alive!

I get another chance to do all

That I love to do

And I smile

This is the reason we live

To be happy

To laugh

To dance and sing

And love and care about each other

We don’t live to spew hatred

Or demean other people that we feel

Beneath ourselves

We don’t breathe simply to waist

Precious air on foul words or

Hateful phrases

That’s not why we were put on this earth

We are here to love our neighbors

To love family

To worship as we please

To build lives worth living


Take off the mantle that binds you

And run


Leap for joy!

You are alive.