All things Must End

Dreamers navigate their way
through shadows deep and dark
searching for the light of morning,
marching across endless dry deserts

or searching towering mountain peaks
crowned by heavenly angels
whose glittery gossamer wings
flutter fleetingly in a gentle breeze

brushing the sleeper’s cheek
as lightly as mother once did,
helping to climb the ladder
of delicious dreams toward

a blushing sky, streaked
orange, pink, and baby blue
as the sun, ever so slowly,
rises to greet the morning

shirking off terrifying nightmares
of hideous monsters and demons
or relishing romantic love stories
sung by twinkling firelight

in a lover’s embrace,
broken most unwillingly only
to greet the dawn of day,
without thinking, without choosing,

unable to stop the inevitable
awakening as all must for
dreamers dreams must end.

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