Bus Stop Woes

Who’d ever think that her heart would shatter

Standing in the glittery sun of the bus stop


Her angel, lover, seeker-friend

Arm-in-arm with fiery siren

Strolled by, made an effort

To move his “love” to opposite arm

Warrior-shield protecting prize


Choked-back ceaseless cries

Buried by her hollow smile


Just as a broken-down building

Stands as empty sentinel

To the glory days of steel

Death reaches its fingers

Plucks the tendons

Unscrews the bolts

Crumbles the façade

Leaves only remnants of grandeurs past


Exposed to elemental forces

There is no place to hide

Even the semblance of warmth


She does not run

Instead she plants roots in the cement

Straightens her shoulders

Stands as a monument to power



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