A Tentative Hold

Despair disrobes my aching soul

Twisting me into nothingness

Stealing my solitary goal

Filling me with dire hopelessness


I cling to pleasant memories

Striving to erase my own pain

Fighting against complexities

That confuse my poor little brain


Hopelessness outweighs all pleasure

Crashing me into thick steel walls

Shielding me from golden treasure

Blinding my eyes to pleading calls


My life is pettily pointless

Of what use is continued fight?

To die, I must nevertheless

Today, no; and please not tonight


With a glimpse over my shoulder

I do catch Your glorious face

Floating, like a granite boulder

Uncomfortably out of place


Is there some hope? Will I survive?

With Your strong arms carrying me

I do believe that I may thrive

To express creativity


Hopelessness is driven away

Which cleanses my still burning soul

Nothingness chooses not to stay

I rejoice and set a new goal.


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