Princess no More

Princess no more she sadly reflects

Upon life’s unfair realities

Father was killed by seven suspects

Lords who forgot their fealties


Sadly she looks at her former house

Hearty tears descend down roughened cheeks

Enslaved, tormented like timid mouse

She secretly planned for twenty weeks


Escape across the mist-covered moor

Shoeless she runs under crescent moon

Fear drives her forward; footing unsure

Freedom’s joys erasing mournful tune


With bleeding feet she stumbles along

Nights the princess seeks shelter discreet

Each sunrise she greets with trembling song

Determined, she moves on tender feet


Far from home the princess finds relief

A cottage hidden in forest deep

Woman, kind, knew her father, the chief

Gives the girl a bed in which to sleep


Loyal friendship here she now detects

Will dwell no more on fatalities

Princess no more she sadly reflects

Upon life’s unfair realities







About Terry Connelly

Terry Connelly is a retired high school English teacher. She earned her BA and Single Subject Teaching credential from California State University of the East Bay, in Hayward, California. She taught for 18 years at Newark Memorial High School in Newark, California. She was gifted to work with both College Prep students and those with learning disabilities.
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